MetaDefender IT-OT Access

The widespread use of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has increased the cybersecurity risks for enterprises. Are device passwords protected? Is antivirus software installed? Are files encrypted? Is the device infected?

MetaAccess ensures that devices comply with security policies before accessing cloud-based services such as Salesforce and Microsoft 365. It provides overall visibility into enterprise devices and addresses management issues related to device access to networks and cloud-based services through the MetaAccess console. With flexible management options, policies can be modified for the entire ecosystem to block single devices. APIs provide secure access control for devices to cloud-based services and can be directly integrated into existing and legacy security solutions.

OPSWAT MetaAccess offers security, visibility, and control for every device accessing networks and cloud-based services.

Product Features:

  • Endpoint vulnerability scanning for installed applications, missing or outdated OS patches.
  • Zero-hour attack detection and analysis of over 30 antivirus engines and repeated infection analysis.
  • Compliance checks for over 5,000 applications.
  • Blocks user access until portable media such as CDs, USBs, and mobile phones are scanned.
  • Out-of-the-box integration with Identity Providers (IdPs) such as OKO and Centrify for Single Sign-On (SSO) services.
  • Single, lightweight agent collects all security risks, reduces licensing costs, simplifies integration requirements, and improves performance.

Product Functions:

  • Detailed enforcement of organizational policies.
  • Remote diagnostics.
  • Self-maintenance capability.
  • Event log output with optional email notifications.
  • Support for REST APIs for integration into existing solutions and custom reporting.