Wire clamps for wire bonders with durability exceeding tenfold.

Current Situation:

Tungsten steel metal pieces wear out over time due to machine operation, causing abnormalities such as curvature and damage to the wire. Typically, the usage cycle is less than three months. Besides the high cost of consumables due to the low durability of materials, replacing wire clamps requires downtime and recalibration, significantly affecting wire bonding speed.


Using ceramic wire clamps with electrostatic dissipation properties, allowing the clamps to dissipate static electricity when closed and maintaining the detection circuit. This helps improve the lifetime issue of tungsten steel pieces. Tested by leading packaging and testing manufacturers, the durability can reach up to 2 years.


  • Traditional tungsten steel piece lifetime: 3 months, Conductive ceramic piece lifetime: 2 years.
  • Significantly saves costs such as downtime for replacing clamps and recalibration time.
  • After two years of use, the machine operation remains relatively stable, and it continues to be used.

*Suitable for K&S wire bonders (Maxum/ICONN, etc.)