Oven Process Efficiency Improvement.

Current Bottlenecks:

  1. Existing in-house fixtures are prone to damage and deformation, and their use is cumbersome, leading to increased personnel burden.
  2. The existing in-house fixtures are of old-fashioned design, with excessive volume/weight, limiting the quantity of oven equipment according to specifications and affecting product throughput.
  3. The old fixtures have a prolonged cooling time after exiting the oven, resulting in extended cycle times in the PMC process.
  4. Poor capability to improve product warpage.


  1. Design dedicated oven fixtures based on characteristics (considering product throughput/weight/volume/operator convenience, etc.).
  2. Increase throughput in terms of quantity and cooling efficiency to increase PMC process capacity UPH. Effectively reduce cycle time and improve fixture turnover rate.
  3. Higher durability compared to old fixtures.
  4. Effectively address product warpage issues.

Application Benefits:
81% lighter than traditional fixtures, significantly increasing baking volume and reducing cooling time and overall cycle time.

  1. Oven loading capacity increased by 25% UPH.
  2. Oven process efficiency can be increased by 39% UPH. *This data is based on actual measurements in the packaging plant.

Appearance Description:

Oven fixture compression fixture

Oven baking fixture