MOVEit – File Transfer Management Platform

MOVEit – Managed File Transfer (MFT) File Transfer Management Platform

Is your current file exchange method secure?

Without using MFT software, some unstructured data such as contracts, drawings, reports, employee information, project data, customer and supplier data, etc., can be exchanged without any supervision or inspection, leading to security and compliance risks.

The Management Value of MFT

Thousands of companies worldwide are using MOVEit Managed File Transfer (MFT) management software because it allows them to gain insight into file transfer activities and achieve complete control. MOVEit not only maintains stable and reliable core business processes but also ensures the security and compliance of sensitive data transfers between partners, customers, users, and systems.

Secure File Transfer Methods

MOVEit Transfer
Allows partners, customers, systems, and users to securely exchange files. It can create audit trails to prove that the organization is compliant with SLAs and data protection regulations. It ensures that critical transfers are not only encrypted but also delivered on time to the intended recipients.

Advanced Workflow Automation Features

MOVEit Automation
Easily create simple or complex workflows without the need for advanced programming skills. It can send and receive files bidirectionally with any FTP, UNIX, email, file server, or network share resources, all through an intuitive web interface.

Compliance Reporting

MOVEit Analytics
Simplifies compliance preparation and SLA reporting tasks. Customize reports, establish delivery lists with fine-grained access control, and schedule automatic report generation for distribution.

Multi-Layer Security Measures

MOVEit Gateway
Secures file transfer operations. Confidential information, authentication, and access information are kept within a secure network behind the firewall.

MOVEit Modules

MOVEit’s architecture is highly flexible, allowing you to choose specific features based on your organization’s needs.


MOVEit Transfer

Integrates all file transfer activities into one system for more effective management of core business processes. This software provides security protection, central access control, file encryption, and activity tracking functions, meeting both the reliability requirements of enterprises and compliance with SLAs, internal controls, and regulatory requirements.


MOVEit Automation

Used in conjunction with MOVEit Transfer or FTP systems, MOVEit Automation enables advanced workflow automation without the need for coding. MOVEit Automation not only shortens development time but also significantly reduces the likelihood of errors, thus accelerating the launch of new services and assisting external partners in sharing data more quickly.


MOVEit Cloud

Our MFT-as-a-Service (MFTaaS) not only provides security, reliability, and compliance comparable to MOVEit Transfer but also offers the convenience of cloud-based services. MOVEit Cloud is PCI certified by auditors and also complies with HIPAA regulations. Like MOVEit Transfer, this product also provides powerful security control functions, ensuring that external file transfer activities involving personal data comply with GDPR requirements.

Secure End-User Collaboration

Secure Folder Sharing – Allows both internal and external users to use simple and easy-to-use drag-and-drop collaboration features, eliminating the need for email or consumer-grade EFSS to share sensitive data.

Flexible Deployment Options

MOVEit Cloud deployment is flexible and can meet your specific needs, including MFTaaS(MFT-as-a-Service), public cloud, on-premises, or hybrid cloud solutions.

DMZ Proxy Gateway

MOVEit Gateway is a DMZ proxy server that keeps sensitive data, authentication, and access information behind the firewall.

Compliance Reporting

MOVEit Analytics – Simplifies compliance preparation and SLA reporting tasks, automatically generating tasks, workflows, and SLA reports scheduled from MOVEit Automation and Transfer.

Automatic Failover

Neverfail Failover Manager can recover to the second or third server in the event of a system failure, ensuring the highest reliability of file transfer services without downtime.

Other Features

Email and Network Transfer

MOVEit Ad-Hoc allows you to securely transfer files via Microsoft Outlook or web browsers, ensuring compliance with Ad Hoc transfer of confidential data.

Multi-User Functionality

Our multi-user options allow MOVEit Transfer to serve multiple client organizations or users based on domain or username.

High Reliability

MOVEit Transfer’s architecture is highly flexible and can be deployed on more than one system to meet reliability, performance, or scalability needs.

Desktop Clients

With over forty million users, WS_FTP Professional or MOVEit EZ and MOVEit Freely, MOVEit offers a complete range of desktop clients to meet your needs.


MOVEit REST API allows third-party applications and services to access a wide range of MOVEit Transfer and MOVEit Cloud services and management functions.

Mobile Access

MOVEit Mobile allows mobile workers to execute file-related business workflows in a reliable and highly productive manner.

MOVEit Solution Architecture

We have added new REST APIs, support for PowerShell and Amazon S3, secure collaboration for end-users, and new cross-platform drag-and-drop operation clients to MOVEit. Now with MOVEit Cloud, our managed file transfer management system service product has been launched in the EU market (hosted by regional hosting services) and is ready to handle your GDPR compliance requirements.

Improved Interoperability

Internal REST API for MOVEit Transfer and MOVEit Automation.
Users can now create custom integrations with external applications and services with MOVEit’s new REST API. Our new REST API offers functionality for managing initial administration tasks, file movement, or tasks in MOVEit Transfer and MOVEit Automation.

MOVEit Automation Supports Outbound PowerShell
MOVEit Automation users can now use PowerShell to dial outbound calls to external RESTful web services. The returned data can be used for task workflows. With just a minimal amount of coding, almost unlimited specific tasks can be customized.

Support for Amazon S3
MOVEit Automation can now access Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) stores in a built-in manner. This allows cloud storage to be used as a source or destination for transfers and can be authenticated using AWS keys. Users can copy files to or from any S3 store associated with their AWS account.

Secure Collaboration and Ease of Use

Secure Folder Sharing
MOVEit administrators can now provide internal and external users with a simple drag-and-drop collaboration feature, incorporating all security and compliance protections into their existing MOVEit deployments.

MOVEit Client
Customers can now download a free desktop client with a dynamic user interface. This simple, no-training-required tool is available for Windows and macOS platforms, ensuring the security and compliance of ad-hoc transfer operations by general users.

Provides a file transfer management system service that meets the security requirements of EU customers and complies with GDPR

MOVEit offers enhanced interoperability, new collaboration features, and MOVEit Cloud designed specifically for the EU market.

Data center in the EU and toolset compliant with GDPR regulations
ur managed file transfer management cloud hosting service is now available to EU customers. With MOVEit’s advanced security features, the ability to store data within the EU, and our security and compliance features, you can quickly start implementing a GDPR-compliant file transfer management system setup.

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