Enterprise-specific USB flash drive – uSAFE portable USB drive management system.

Effectively manage access to portable USB drive data, preventing the leakage of sensitive information.

Protect internal computers within the enterprise and securely share data.

uSAFE is a portable USB drive management system designed specifically for enterprises. Through convenient setup and installation, internal computers will restrict access to external storage devices and generate “secure portable USB drives” under specific conditions. Only those meeting the qualification criteria can read and write data, effectively preventing unknown files or programs from being placed on portable USB drives, eliminating virus intrusion into internal enterprise computers, or unauthorized use of lost USB drives by malicious individuals. This ensures the security of internal devices and data within the enterprise and serves as a checkpoint for data sharing processes.

Rigorous management of access to portable USB drive data fully protects internal enterprise computers.

Intelligent management of enterprise-wide public portable USB drives.

  • Through management tools, quickly set up portable USB drives and deploy installation files. IT administrators can easily deploy internal computers, combining convenience of management and usage.
  • No need for wired network connections; portable USB drives can limit computer reading or writing. Portable USB drive data can also be accessed through password protection, providing flexibility for external use.
  • The computer can be set to be unable to read any external storage devices, only able to read confidential portable USB drives, effectively controlling the use of internal devices.
  • Set verification rules as needed, including account/password, setting code (PIN code), numerical values for login editing programs, application program check mechanisms, etc. Various rule settings allow only qualified individuals to use confidential portable USB drives, and they can freely choose to adopt single or multiple verification methods.

Comprehensive audit records control the usage behavior of portable drives.

  • When using non-compliant USB drives, a personal alert and removal message will be displayed, reminding the user, and the information will be recorded in the database. If a secure portable USB drive fails authentication multiple times, it will be locked to prevent virus intrusion or leakage of important data.
  • The management tool can record complete usage records, including computer names, login accounts, reading times and serial numbers of secure portable USB drives, information about non-compliant USB drives, and specific secure portable USB drives can be queried for their usage records for management personnel to check and review.

Lightweight management tools without network setup required.

  • Supported operating system: Windows
  • USB 2.0 connection port