Conceals your confidential information.

“Sensitive File Invisible Safe” that conceals your confidential information.

With the instability and tension in international trends triggered by the pandemic, such as the anti-Chinese incidents in Vietnam several years ago, riots at a major international factory in India resulting in asset theft, or incidents where a company’s important data hard drive was dismantled and sensitive customer and financial data was lost, have all led to significant impacts on business-sensitive data processes.

Through a dedicated application, you can freely create a digital safe on your computer’s hard drive space, storing sensitive development documents, financial records, or personal files worried about being seen by outsiders in the digital safe. The data will be automatically hidden and only displayed with the “smart disk” inserted. There’s no need to worry about someone stealing your files anymore.

In other words, in case of emergency, simply remove the “smart disk” in a second, and the files in the “safe” will become invisible.

Application Scenarios:

Data Smart Gold Key

Computer hard drive partitions, external hard drives, USB flash drives, and memory cards can all be set up with a “safe.” The data stored in the safe is automatically protected, ensuring high security.

Easy Operation of Gold Key USB

Just plug in the “smart disk” to unlock encrypted files, and remove the “smart disk” to hide the files. The transparent smart function is designed to provide you with the most intuitive user experience.

Backup Unlocking with Mobile Passwords

In case you forget to carry the “smart disk,” a mobile unlocking code is also provided. Your mobile device becomes the gold key, and the dynamic password can open the files anytime and anywhere, with complete security.

AES 256-bit Advanced Encryption

Supports AES 256-bit encryption level, adopts transparent protection, and perfectly protects your confidential information; you can also use password verification for identity login, providing a dual protection mechanism.


  • Built-in memory capacity: 8GB
  • Supported operating systems: Windows/iOS/Android
  • Data formats protected: Various document data such as Office series, PDF documents, development drawings, etc., under the Windows system, can all be stored in the hidden safe.