Intelligent behavior monitoring screen anti-theft photography system.

Background of Screen Anti-Theft Protection Solution Application

In recent years, security control over computer equipment and networks has become quite mature. However, the technical means to prevent screens from being covertly photographed remain weak. Incidents of confidential information being leaked through the unauthorized photography of computer screens occur frequently, causing significant losses to national security and enterprises. In response to this issue, we have launched an intelligent anti-theft photography system. This product is a specialized device designed to prevent covert photography and recording of information during human-computer visual interaction. When someone attempts to use equipment such as smartphones, cameras, or camcorders to capture images in violation of regulations, the device will immediately automatically hide the displayed content, effectively preventing the screen information from being captured and stolen. Additionally, the system can perform facial recognition for user identification. The device has no external network connection and is physically isolated from the computer host, ensuring that no information is transmitted externally and cannot be illegally accessed by others. The product features functions for proactive prevention, in-process disposal, and post-event tracing, providing comprehensive security protection for screen information. This series of products has passed the information technology product/system security testing of the National Information Security Research Center, holds dozens of invention patents, and has obtained 3C certification.