MetaDefender Drive: Portable USB Security Analyzer

MetaDefender Drive is an enhanced USB security solution that scans devices for security threats and risks before they enter or leave an organization. The Drive device can be deployed at various locations within an organization, allowing for secure scanning checks of any target system before it moves to its next destination through MetaDefender Drive.

Simply plug in the USB port, and the computer can securely boot through the built-in operating system of MetaDefender Drive. This isolation method allows for analysis without the need for software installation and ensures the integrity of the entire system.

Product Features:

  • Multi-Antivirus Engine: Scans are conducted using multiple antivirus engines that combine signatures, heuristics, and machine learning to actively detect various known and unknown threats.
    • Enterprise edition包含-Ahnlab, Avira, Bitdefender, K7, Kaspersky
    • Advanced edition包含-Avira, Bitdefender, ESET, K7, McAfee
  • Flexible Workflow: Provides full-system or customized scans for specific file paths. Scans can be performed whether the target system is online or offline.
  • Support for Microsoft BitLocker and Other Encryption: Detects encrypted volumes and prompts for password input to ensure encrypted files are also scanned. Supports LUKS encryption and macOS FileVault.
  • File-Based Vulnerability Scanning: Using patented file-based techniques, detects known vulnerabilities present in over 20,000 software applications.
  • Support for Multiple Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • Robust File System Support: Supports NTFS, FAT32, APFS, or Linux ext2, ext3, ext4.
  • Centralized Management: Optional connection to the OPSWAT Central Management platform for centralized reporting and system configuration on a single platform.
  • Tamper-Resistant: Device firmware is protected through digital signatures. The rugged casing is waterproof and tamper-proof.
  • Data Privacy Preservation: Execution is performed locally, avoiding the need to send data to the cloud and maximizing privacy.

How It Works:

Secure Bootable Operating System

  • Insert MetaDefender Drive into a USB slot, and the device securely boots from the operating system inside the Drive.
  • No Software Installation Required

Scanning and Inspection

  • Uses multiple anti-malware engines to scan the entire device for malware and vulnerabilities.
  • Works seamlessly across Windows, MacOS, and Linux, even on encrypted drives.


  • Performs in-depth analysis of every potential file, providing detailed threat reports indicating which files need removal and repair.
  • Reports can be collected locally or uploaded remotely to OPSWAT Central Management (MyOPSWAT).