The formidable weapon against ransomware attacks threat.

Ever since the WannaCry virus ravaged the world in 2017, causing massive losses, ransomware has continued to evolve and mutate. It not only demands ransom payments in exchange for encryption keys but has more recently begun stealing companies’ trade secrets either simultaneously with encryption or before it. Major antivirus software companies have been grappling with this issue, as even with antivirus software installed, there is no guarantee of effectively combating the constantly evolving threat of ransomware. This is a true reflection of the adage “the higher the mountain, the deeper the valley.”

We know that engaging in a technical confrontation with hackers inevitably leads to comprehensive defeat. This is especially true for small and medium-sized enterprises, where resources are limited. The key question becomes how to develop defense strategies that diverge from hackers’ thinking at the system architecture or principle level. This is crucial to avoiding blindly purchasing exorbitantly priced defense systems and effectively keeping oneself safe from threats. For business operators, this is of paramount importance and cannot be overlooked.

We propose a four-step defense against ransomware attacks, aiming to construct the best security line for enterprises from different perspectives and to keep them safe from the threat of ransomware.