MetaDefender Email Security

MetaDefender Email Gateway Protection can mitigate potential threats in emails, including evading sandboxes and bypassing advanced threat protection solutions provided by Office 365 and G Suite. The MetaDefender Email Gateway utilizes OPSWAT’s industry-leading multiscanning and content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) technologies to inspect every email and attachment before transmission, scanning for malicious content, reconstructing suspicious attachments, and removing sensitive data to prevent zero-hour attacks and unknown threats. It offers nearly 100% detection of known threats without impacting the performance of email servers.

Product Features:

  • Prevention of Malicious Emails: Cleans and reconstructs over 85 common file types for each attachment to ensure content security and maximum availability.
  • Malware Detection: Each email is analyzed by over 30 antivirus engines, utilizing techniques such as signature-based detection, heuristics, and machine learning to identify various known and unknown threats.
  • PII Detection: Checks email subjects, content, and attachments for sensitive information before leaving or entering the organization.
  • Secure Attachment Storage: All attachments are transmitted to a separate storage space for ongoing scanning and virus blocking, with files only released after supervisor approval.
  • Customizable Workflows: Establishes customized workflows for multiscanning and deep content disarm and reconstruction, allowing customization of file processing order and procedures.
  • Dynamic Blocking of Phishing: To detect potential phishing attacks, embedded hyperlinks are replaced with plain text URLs or redirected for reputation checks.

Email Processing Workflow:

Attachments received by users are scanned and repaired, ensuring no malicious files are passed internally. OPSWAT provides a second line of defense for the enterprise email processing workflow.

  • Transport Agent – Emails are sent via the transport agent when Microsoft Exchange Server is available.
  • SMTP – Emails are sent via SMTP when other email gateways (non-Exchange) are available.
  • x-Header – Used for communication between MetaDefender Email Gateway Protection and the mail server.

For evaluation purposes, MetaDefender Email Gateway Protection offers three deployment options: passive monitoring, inline monitoring, and deployment via SPAN port.